As of Januray 1, 2017 the Heart of Ohio Council has been consolidated with the Buckeye Council and the Greater Cleveland Council.


If you reside in the Harding Area District (Crawford, Marion, Morrow, or Wyandot Counties) or the Johnny Appleseed Trail District (Ashland or Richland Counties) please click HERE to be redirected to the Buckeye Council webpage, or call 330.580.4272 for more information.


If you reside in the Firelands District (Erie or Huron Counties) or the Great Frontier District (Lorain County) please click HERE to be redirected to the Greater Cleveland Council webpage, or call 216.861.6060.

Project Sustainability

Please click here for more information on the sustainability for Scouting in our area.  There are three file attachments: Q&A, a statement from Buckeye Council, and a statement from Greater Cleveland Council.